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Highways, Transportation, & Urban Planning

We create a safe and comfortable environment through transportation and urban planning.

We provide comprehensive consulting services for highway and transportation planning including traffic capacity improvement and transportation demand management making good use of our accumulated expertise and experiences of stakeholder involvement, information and simulation technologies. In the planning of tunnels and underground infrastructures, we address not only development of infrastructure, but also their lifecycle in totality to maximize their benefits in a long term.

We also support sustainable urban planning and development with comprehensive perspectives, through development of disaster-resistant infrastructures, adopting risk management principles, introducing universal designs, etc.

Survey/Planning/Design for Road Development and Management

  • Feasibility study of road projects
  • Environmental assessment and management
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Road planning and design
  • Planning/design of tunnels and underground infrastructures
  • Maintenance and asset management
  • Realistic driving simulation
    Realistic driving simulation
  • Chita cross road (Centrair Line)
    Chita cross road (Centrair Line)

Analysis/Evaluation for Sound Road Traffic Management

  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Field operational testing, ‘Smart Interchange’
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Road information network systems
  • Probe information analysis, Traffic simulation analysis

Ensuring a Safe and Secure Life

  • Multipurpose underground conduit, Barrier-free public spaces
  • Traffic accident prevention measures, preparation of accident risk maps
  • Safe and effective network for bicycles

Conservation of the Environment and Landscape

  • Support for the ‘Scenic Byway’ projects
  • Landscape and environmental assessment and management
  • Measures against global warming
  • Landscape assessment

Creation of Attractive Urban Areas

  • Urban development planning
  • Planning and design of squares
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