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Amenity of Waterfront

We aim to create comfortable waterfront areas where people can enjoy their interactions with nature.

Human civilizations evolved around water areas. Our ancestors lived close to water sources for drinking and irrigation. Even now, with the development of water supply facilities, people still gather by the water to relax and appreciate nature. Our vision is to create a waterfront area that can act as a gathering space for local communities, tourism base, and a precious area to be inherited by the next generation.

Facilitating Amenity Spaces at the Waterfront

  • Improvement of river environment
  • Restoration of urban rivers
  • Development of waterfront areas
  • Development of eco-friendly embankments

Planning of Waterfront Utilization

  • Integration of waterfront space into town planning
  • Riverside and lakeside parks
  • Waterfront park use
  • Lakeside park at Shinji Lake
    Lakeside park at Shinji Lake
  • Embankment along Shinano River
    Embankment along Shinano River
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