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Design of River & Coastal Structures

We provide comprehensive services from planning, designing and maintenance of flood control systems, coastal structures, and water use facilities to create a sound waterfront environment.

River and coastal structures play important roles in flood control, water utilization, and environmental conservation. We provide a safe, secure and sound environment by planning/designing flood control, coastal structures, and water use facilities while taking account of safety, landscape, and environment.

Building a Disaster-Resistant Country

  • Ryousou Watergate (Chiba Prefecture)
    Ryousou Watergate (Chiba Prefecture)
  • River management structural works (levees, revetments, weirs, dams, detention basin, diversion channels, pumping stations, facilities)
  • Coastal structures (storm surge protection levees, flood gates, offshore breakwaters, artificial reefs, estuary barrages)
  • Sabo works (erosion control works)

Creating a Sound Environment

  • Koudo Weir (Kochi Prefecture)
    Koudo Weir (Kochi Prefecture)
  • Amenity embankment
  • Snow melting system for snow-free roads
  • River-water purification facilities
  • Fish passes
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