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Information System

We provide: image analysis to pick up nature change; GIS; backbone system design and development; health weather forecast; and disaster information by using earth observation satellite and ground camera.

Image analysis provides: technology to analyze multiple satellite images of earth observation in an integrated fashion; non-contact environmental displacement measurement system by processing images of existing CCTV camera installed along roads, rivers, etc in real time; and system to measure and analyze 3 dimensional coordination of the object which is difficult to set its reference point by photogrammetric method. System development capacity also facilitates knowhow of GIS and business system and provides wide range of system development.

Bio-weather service is an unique health weather forecast service targeting season illness and meteorotropic disease providing forecast of worsening of symptom due to weather change and influence to health, etc

Image Analysis & System Development

  • Water level measurement by CCTV (Patent No. 3907200)
    Water level measurement by CCTV (Patent No. 3907200)
  • Measurement of water level and current velocity by CCTV camera (Digital Remote Image Sensor: Dr.I-sensor)
  • Behavior analysis of sandbar, slope, structure etc by photogrammetric method
  • Multi sensor, data fusion (Fused analysis of multiple satellite images)
  • GIS related application development
  • Backbone system (finance and accounting, medical checkup, etc)

Bio-weather Service

  • Operation of a health weather forecasts website, based on biometeorology (https://www.bioweather.net/)
  • Provision of health forecasting to medical and care related organizations
  • Development of health forecasting for individuals
  • Weather forecast broadcasting via mobile phones
  • Provision of weather and oceanographic conditions to fishermen
  • Provision of weather forecast information for websites on PC and mobile phones
  • Distribution of information on disasters (weather warnings/typhoon) via fax/email
  • Provision of site-specific weather forecasting by a certified weather forecaster
  • Analysis support and information provision for researchers in the meteorology field
  • Provision of weather forecast information
    Weather forecast broadcasting via mobile phones
  • Bio-weather service website
    Bio-weather service website
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