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What We Do

Integrated Consultancy on Infrastructure Development and Environmental Conservation

IDEA Consultants, Inc. is a new type of integrated consultancy firm, providing services in every phase of infrastructure development and environmental conservation projects, from the project planning, survey, analyses, and assessment phases, to the design, maintenance, and management phases. These expert services are provided to meet client’s requirements.

The company name, IDEA, is an acronym for ‘Infrastructure’, ‘Disaster’, ‘Environment’, and ‘Amenity’. It encompasses the types of services we provide and reflects our mission to support sustainable development of a safe and sound society, and the conservation and inheritance of a healthy and productive environment.

Extending these services to countries outside of Japan, we also make positive efforts to contribute to international cooperation and partnership projects.

Finally, to further enhance our credibility and value as a leading consultancy firm, we support stakeholder involvement and consensus building meetings, and environmental education projects. We also utilize effectively the information network system, provide strict quality assurance and continuously work on technological development.


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