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Disaster Risk Management

We contribute to disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, response, recovery and restoration, and vulnerability reduction based on risk management principles, to minimize loss of life and economic damages.

Several regions in Japan have been severely affected by recurrent natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, combination of them, etc. Although it is impossible to avoid these disasters completely, the magnitude of these disasters and vulnerability of society to disasters can be minimized.

We support to developing disaster-resistant infrastructures and establishing effective forecasting and warning systems, risk management technologies, and information systems. Our accumulated experiences on weather and runoff forecasting technologies enable us to develop reliable forecasting and warning systems, which can credibly predict both rainfall and flood events, develop risk management plans, organize and facilitate training courses for capacity development, and build various information systems on disaster risk management.

Development of Advanced Technologies in River and Road Management

  • Optical fiber networks
  • Remote sensing of various automatic measurements
  • Information provision/information sharing systems
  • Video monitoring and recording systems
  • Remote control and operation of various facilities and systems
  • Disaster information systems

Development of Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems

  • Rainfall forecasting and warning systems using radar rain gauges
  • Flood forecasting and warning systems in flood management
  • Real-time flood analysis/forecasting system
  • Joint activities between hydrological and meteorological agencies in developing forecasting systems
  • Flood hazard mapping and tsunami hazard mapping

Support for Disaster Risk Management

  • Processes improving capacities of risk management authorities
    Processes improving capacities of risk management authorities
  • Disaster risk management planning
  • Development of manuals on disaster preparedness and emergency response
  • Planning and coordination of training and workshops on disaster prevention, preparedness and response
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