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Disaster Mitigation & Restoration

Torrential Rainfall and earthquake disasters are becoming more frequent due to recent changes in land use and increase in extreme weather events. We provide support for post-disaster restoration projects to restore safety in affected communities.

There are two types of disaster restoration. One is ‘post-disaster restoration’ which aims to restore the damaged area to its previous state. The other is ‘improved restoration’ which aims to modify and improve the affected and the adjacent areas to be more disaster resistant.

‘Post-disaster restoration’involves urgent survey of damage, rapid disaster assessment, and planning and implementation of emergency restoration works. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to support these projects to quickly restore safety and security to the affected communities.

For‘improved restoration’, an expansive area, including that the surrounding unaffected area, are modified to further improve the safety of the community and prevent recurrence of the disaster. We also make sure that the restoration project does not affect the existing regional plan, natural environment and landscape.

Rapid Post-disaster Response for Safety of Communities

  • Restoration of damaged slopes
    Restoration of damaged slopes
  • Rapid survey and assessment of damages
  • Development of disaster restoration planning
  • Design and implementation of disaster restoration projects
  • Activities for securing human life and assets

Implementation of Disaster Mitigation Projects toward Safe Society

  • Preventing recurrence of disaster damages
  • Improving wider areas subject to disasters
  • Disaster recovery activities taking account of the natural environment
  • Improved restoration projects that promote ecosystem stability
Project Overview - Flood management project in the Satetsu River -

Example of a flood management project aimed at promoting ecosystem stability

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