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Coastal Zone & Estuary Management

We conserve and create coastal areas with environmental conservation, disaster prevention and recreational functions.

We solve all types of problems that arise in coastal and estuarine zones, using advanced numerical simulation models based on analysis of storm surges, tsunamis, waves, and beach transformation. Our projects include coastal conservation, river mouth improvement, and storm surge and tsunami countermeasures.

Field Survey

  • Bathymetric
  • Wave observation
  • Littoral drift


  • Wave transformation simulation
  • Near-shore currents simulation
  • 3-D beach transformation model
  • Simulation of sand terrace formation
  • Harbor calmness
  • Storm surges and tsunamis


  • Headland in Chigasaki beach
    Headland in Chigasaki beach
  • Coastal conservation
  • River mouth improvement
  • Protection from storm surges and tsunamis
  • Port development
  • Sediment management
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