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Environmental Impact Assessment

We provide the latest technologies on environmental impact assessment in various areas, and support pro-environmental planning and project implementation.

With the enforcement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Law, the environmental impact assessment system in Japan has undergone a great change, and the significance of this for assessment procedures prior to a project’s implementation has increased.

Recently, the area covered by the environmental impact assessment method has broadened to include environmental considerations at the planning phase, construction of waste treatment plants, and the ocean dumping of wastes.

We have been involved in discussions on EIA technologies and methods since the conception of the new laws. With our latest scientific knowledge, we have extensive experience in providing objective and accurate services for environmental impact assessment in various fields.

Our in-house expertise offers ongoing services in various stages of EIA, such as environmental consideration at the planning phase, preparation of survey plans, field surveys, impact assessment and mitigation plans, and post-project surveys. We also support the implementation of public consultations and various conferences.

Moreover, we promote Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) that helps identify considerations and lead to better planning and decision-making.

Extensive Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • EIA for large-scale projects
    EIA for large-scale projects
  • Ports, land reclamation, airports, dams, power plants, estuary weirs, roads, new transportation systems, waste disposal facilities, residential estates and industrial complexes, sewage treatment facilities

Analytical Models to Evaluate Complex Ecosystems

  • Life-history, habitat and tidal-flat ecosystem models
  • Neural network method
  • Instream Flow Incremental Methodology

Prediction of Various Phenomena

  • Eutrophication, sediment and air qualities, odor, noise, vibration
  • Wave, harbor calmness, local wind, climate change
  • Evaluation of shoreline change and geomorphology
  • Prediction of sedimentation in shipping channel
  • Prediction of drifting objects/oxygen depleted water

Prediction of blue tides in Tokyo Bay

Evaluation and Mapping of Land Use using GIS, and Support for Public Consultation Meetings

  • Mapping of natural environment data and regional characteristics
  • Support for public consultation meetings and discussions
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