Sekisei Lagoon (Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park)
Coral reef

Message from the board

President Akihisa TABATAChairman Hideo TABATAIDEA Consultants, Inc. started from the merger of two companies (METOCEAN Environment Inc. and NIKKEN Consultants, Inc.) both of which have long histories. This brochure is a comprehensive guide of IDEA striving for multidiscipline consultants in the new era.

IDEA has been making efforts to internally and consistently conduct planning, survey, analysis, predictive assessment, design, and countermeasure in the field of disaster mitigation, comfort, life solution, etc, based on the development of consulting business of infrastructure (river/coast, port, road/city/regional planning, and bridge) and environment (environmental impact assessment/monitoring, environmental planning/management, nature restoration/conservation, and environmental risk evaluation).

In our various business and life environment, persistent innovation is expected due to quickly changing society in the 21st century. IDEA, as multi discipline consultants, resolves to respond to such society needs through integrated and diversified technical capabilities towards realization of safe, secure, and sustainable society.

IDEA will continue making efforts on creating technologies and academic research with the spirit of fairness and independence. IDEA will highly appreciate your further help and encouragement from now on.

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